Why I Love Kyiv

August 3, 2016

Kyiv has quickly become one of my favorite cities in the world. Ukraine’s capitol is a hidden gem in a sea of beautiful European cities. It very much flies under the radar.

Really, if you’ve never heard of Kyiv I could hardly blame you.

Think about the cities you think of when you hear “Europe!”.

Paris. London. Barcelona. Rome. Berlin. Milan. Venice. Dublin. Madrid. Zurich. Monaco.

There’s just so many. All of which have their own individual beauty. But for whatever reason, Kyiv never comes up in those conversations.

It’s possibly because Ukraine is…well, pretty damn far from the rest of them. It could also be a stigma that it’s a dangerous place (not at all!). And the final reason is because Kyiv is a tough city. You won’t find anyone who speaks English. Reading Russian might as well be akin to reading hieroglyphics for a native English speaker.

And it’s really just the Wild, Wild West.

I love Kyiv.

Here’s why.

Kyiv, where every corner is potential death by a car.


Kyiv, where there are amazing views…everywhere.


Kyiv, where there is history of international sport.


Kyiv, where there are so many districts you could never see them all.


Kyiv, where the nicest rooftop bar in the city is still AFFORDABLE.

IMG_5066 IMG_5075

Kyiv, which resembles New York City in so many ways (I think…)


Kyiv, where every food type is imaginable. Including blingy Turkish venues.


Kyiv, where you can…fly.