Ukraine International Airline Review

UIA (Ukrainian International Airlines) is the flagship airline in Ukraine.

I’d read the horror stories about Ukraine airlines in general, so I was truly preparing for the worst when I prepared to take my flight from Kiev to Odessa a few weeks ago.

The reality is that I had a great experience. Major props to UIA!

I was lugging a guitar in addition to my backpack carry on, so my photos are…well, pretty much nonexistent. I did manage to grab one snap of the legroom.

I was expecting a cramped, Ryanair-esque flight, but I had plenty of room. I’m not tall by any means (5’9″) but this is still a very generous amount of space. My friend who is 6’2″ was comfortable, too.

Ukraine International Airline

Ukraine International Airline legroom

The flight attendants were pleasant and accommodating as well.

Very short flight at all of 45 minutes, so not much to say.

Just don’t be too afraid of flying on Ukrainian International Airlines, is all that I have to say 😉