Returning From A Bachelor Trip In Budapest

As I mentioned recently, I traveled to Budapest on the cheap with a couple of buddies. While I still feel slightly hungover more than 48 hours after consuming my last alcoholic beverage, I decided I’d write a quick post with some trip highlights. Many more details to come in the future days.

– The Dreamliner 787 really is like a dream. Compared to the 737 that we flew from Copenhagen to Budapest, and then Budapest to Oslo, the 787 just floats in the clouds. It’s dead silent, even on takeoff. And the windows that tint themselves? Amazing.

– The food in Budapest is very, very good. Not the tourist trap venues, but the street food and locals favorites are simply phenomenal.

– The international cuisine is good, too. Burgers? Budapest does it well. Mexican, Italian, even Thai – all was good.

– Europeans just don’t sleep. Crazy people. The earliest I went to bed (besides the last night) was 6:00am. My schedule involved sleeping until noon, an evening powernap, and one (sometimes two) 5 Hour Energys. Yes, I am paying the price dearly for it now that I’m back in Los Angeles.

– Things are really cheap. I’m very grateful to be able to make an American salary. A quick breakdown to give you an idea on prices:

  • A two bedroom apartment (~800 square feet) is about $400/month. That’s with utilities and in a prime spot in the city.
  • A 16oz good beer at a bar is about a buck fifty.
  • A meal out will cost you less than $7/person.
  • Groceries are cheap. Lunch meat and bread for a couple days will run you maybe $5. Bottles of good wine at the store are $2.

– I’m suffering from secondhand smoke withdrawals. Just being around too many people who smoke has destroyed my lungs.

– Budapest is very modern, yet poor. Most people I met are still in school and not working. Seems that is the “thing” here, since education is basically free. Yet if everyone is in school throughout their 20s, it makes sense why the country would be poor.

– Reception to Americans is so-so.

– Hungarian is hard.

I’ll elaborate on each of these points in a further post. If you’ve got other questions, I’m all ears, too.