You Can Print a Debit Card at a Bank Now?!

In preparation for my new nomadic lifestyle that I’m soon to be undertaking (quitting my corporate job and moving abroad to freelance and build various online businesses, like Bachelor Travels), I’ve been selling off some most all of my possessions.

Well today, after walking ten blocks with a thousand dollar wad of cash in my pocket, I stopped at the ATM at my local Chase Bank branch and attempted to deposit the money. Well, for one reason or another my debit card simply wasn’t working anymore.

So I walked into the branch, explained the story to the manager, and he asked to see my card. He said he’d print me out a new one right on the spot – which is definitely something I haven’t ever had done before.

You can print a debit card at a bank now?!

Well, apparently you can. And that’s rad.

While the teller took my deposit, the manager took my debit card. When I was done with the deposit I walked over, typed in my pin on his computer, and he sent it to the printer. Thirty seconds later I was walking out the door with a brand-new debit card, complete with a new security chip and everything.

That’s pretty fantastic.

While I obviously use credit cards for most of my everyday spending, it’s a real hassle when you have to replace a debit or credit card. It’s usually at least a couple of days of waiting around, which is time you’re missing out on racking up points, or worse – inconvenienced by not being able to use an ATM to get cash on the fly, etc. Being able to walk into your local branch and be out the door in five minutes with a new card is a huge step forward in the customer service department for banks.

I’d imagine you can’t print a debit card at a bank in regards to smaller credit unions and branches, but regardless – major props to Chase for implementing this.

Have you gotten to print a debit card at a bank? Good experience, bad?

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