Budapest For 10 Days For $1,100 With Flight & Airfare

I am heading back to Europe for the second consecutive year!

Last year I had a crammed itinerary. I went to the following five countries/cities in the span of just 14 days.

  1. Wroclaw, Poland
  2. London, U.K.
  3. Barcelona, Spain
  4. Rome, Italy
  5. Prague, Czech Republic

have posted detailed trip reports on my other blog (for now, still keeping them as separate entities), but plan on sharing detailed reports of each of these five cities in the near future on Bachelor Travels.

The thing about last year’s trip was that it was absolutely exhausting.

I learned my lesson, and this year I’m spending all ten days of my trip in Budapest, Hungary. I may also take a day trip to Vienna, Austria – it’s only a two and a half hour train ride away. We’ll see how my friends and I feel after the first weekend of partying, and then figure out what we can handle for the remainder of the week.

This trip was only booked approximately seven weeks in advance and overall, I’d say we got a decent deal. I’m still not at a point in my miles collection that I can afford to fly myself and a friend around the world on a whim, so we paid out of pocket. Here’s how the expenses break down.

Roundtrip flight via Norwegian Air: $915

10 days in a great AirBNB apartment: $550, split two ways. Adding in our other friend who will be there for part of the time, and my friend from Los Angeles and I are both paying $1,100.

It’s not a bad flight path either; LAX -> CPH -> BUD on the way there, and BUD -> OSL -> LAX on the return. Flight time there is about 14 hours, return is 17 hours.

Considering that just a month later I’m sitting on enough points that I could have afforded to fly myself there solely off of points, it’s kind of a bummer. But, my American Airlines points wouldn’t have been able to transfer to Norwegian and I obviously wasn’t going to hang my buddy out to dry.

Stay tuned! I’ve got some exciting posts regarding what we plan to do, and obviously once we get there you’ll get the first full Bachelor Travel experience as we explore the city and talk to pretty Hungarian girls.