How I Booked an Air Baltic Flight For Free

Air Baltic Flight For Free

Hey guys, Kyle here with a quick post about how I redeemed points for an Air Baltic flight recently.

I need to travel from Paris, France to Vilnius, Lithuania. I’ll say goodbye to my family in Paris after our trip around the European continent, and head to Vilnius to meet up with a fellow blogging friend.

We’ll have a blast for the ten days I’m there.

The problem was that fares leaving the Paris area were really cheap the day before and the day after that I…actually needed to leave. On top of that, those cheap fares were with budget carriers that fly out of BVA–which is an airport two hours outside of Paris.

So I was faced with either staying a day later, leaving a day early, and on top of that, having to make the trek to the middle of nowhere.

At the same time, I didn’t want to pay nearly $200 for a simple two hour flight. Which it would have been to have a reasonable flight/layover and not arrive to Vilnius too late at night.


After poking around a bit, I found a way to get my flight from Paris to Vilnius with some of my Citi ThankYou points.

For 8,902 points, I was able to book my flight without having to pay a single cent out of pocket–though it’s important to note that miles are not truly free.

If you break down the cost, you can see that:

Fare of $179 (I would have taken that Air Baltic flight at 10:10am), instead I paid 8,902 miles.


CPM is cost per mile–basically, how much value did I get out of my points?

$179 / 8902 = .0202 (Two cents per mile)

Citi ThankYou points are generally valued at about 1.5 cents each, so in this case I booked an award that was worth a higher value than the points themselves–a very good thing!

More coming soon.