Hello From Kraków!

Hello from Kraków, Poland!IMG_3426

It’s a bit chilly compared to what I’m used to in Southern California.

The flight was long and cumbersome – as much as I wish I was using my bank of 500k+ frequent flyer miles to fly first class, it makes a lot more sense to just bank them, considering I’ve now relocated (relatively) permanently to Europe, so there is not as overwhelming as a need to be rested and ready to go as soon as I touch down in a new city.

On the flip side, I keep trying to rationalize to myself that if I’m only taking a few flights a year to transit back and forth between the United States and Europe – why the hell not burn through a bunch of my miles.

I suppose I’ll see how I feel come November when it’s time to head back to the States. Perhaps I’ll depart Budapest (my final destination, likely) in first class instead of sitting in cattle 😉

Here’s a few photos of my flights.


My entire life in one bag (+ one guitar case & backpack)



My routing for this flight was Northern California -> Dallas -> London Heathrow -> Krakow.

The flight from NorCal to Dallas was mostly uneventful. I read a book, but there’s not much to report on that. Typical boring flight in a boring plane.

After hanging out in the Admirals Club in Dallas, I boarded a 777-200 on American Airlines to London Heathrow. I was in the very back row, which only has two seats in the final row – so that was a bonus; albeit the lack of a full recline on the seats was not.

I’m rarely ever to sleep on planes, so despite a nine hour redeye flight I only managed maybe two hours of terrible sleep.

I did manage to get a nice nap at the Aspire Lounge in the London Heathrow airport. Here’s a nice view of a 747 from the Aspire Lounge.


I wish I had some interesting things to say about the Aspire Lounge, but the reality of the situation is that it’s not even isolated from the rest of the airport, and it’s incredibly cramped.

I’m serious – the only divider between you and the rest of the airport is a wall that doesn’t even reach the ceiling. Sure, you can’t see outside, but all the same noise is prevalent. It’s definitely not a quiet place to work and be productive; though thankfully that didn’t disrupt my nap time.

On my final flight, I was in a two-person exit row and ended up with the whole row to myself.


I’m thankful that all the flight crews were accommodating of my guitar – I was worried about that situation, but it proved to not be any issue at all.


I’ll leave you with the below – more coming soon!