The Black Sea at Night

Having lived in Santa Monica for so long, right next to the ocean — I’m not all that impressed by big bodies of water, easily.

In Odessa, Ukraine, I’ve kind of found that the beaches are simply overrun with people, but there doesn’t seem to be the level of upkeep that there is in America as far as the cleanliness.

Again though, Santa Monica is extremely well kept, to the point where dogs aren’t allowed on the beach. If you go just a couple of miles south to Venice Beach, the whole outlook on cleanliness changes quite a bit.

However, I really love the port of Odessa’s Black Sea at night. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Take a look for yourself.

Black Sea at night

Walking down to the Black Sea


Black Sea at night

The Potemkin Stairs from the top

Black Sea at night Potemkin stairs

And from the bottom

IMG_0014 (1)

Black Sea at night

Crane on the Black Sea at night

Black Sea at night Black Sea at night

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