Quick List: How to Quit Your Job and Become a World Traveler

I’m two weeks into my new life here in Poland, and things are going great.

A few people have asked exactly how I did what I’m doing, so here – I’ll lay it out.

You want to travel? Great. Don’t do it on a whim or without a plan, unless it’s a short term deal. My move was permanent. Far different than a two week vacation.

#1: Summon The Courage

It’s not easy to “break free”, so to speak. It takes time, preparation, and planning. Sure, some people go the backpacker/hostel/”gap year” route, but that’s a short term gain at the expensive of long term stability, both financially and emotionally.

I have a rule I live my life by: do the opposite of what the masses do.

Most 24-year-olds irresponsibly take gap years to travel, come back with great adventures, but then turn to the prospects of a slightly dreary career.

Why not flip the script?


#2: Have A Plan

Online is the new brick and mortar. More business is online than it has ever been before. And frankly, that’s not changing anytime soon.

What are your skills?

What are your passions?

(Hint: for $$$, skills are more important than passions. But, sometimes they work together – we’ll get to that later).

#3: Accumulate Some Points

Having a bank of frequent flyer miles really helps.

For example, you should read this post.

#4: Pick A Place!

I spent some time in Poland a couple of years ago, and loved it. The people were friendly, I liked the food, and the overall vibe and culture meshed well with my personality. So while this year I’ll be traveling around the globe a lot in search of a new permanent home, I started somewhere I knew I’d be happy.

Here are some pictures from my day to day life.

IMG_3479 IMG_3498 IMG_3515

A lot more to come soon. Stay tuned.