Bachelor Travels Is Heading To The Indianapolis 500

I’m very passionate about racing, and have been since I was a little boy. Every Sunday for about the last eighteen years, between the months of February and November, I’ve in some way, shape, or form digested racing. Some people go to church every Sunday – I watch races.

If I wasn’t watching professional racing, then I was doing it myself. I grew up racing amateur go-karts competitively. Some kids played football in high school – I spent my days wrenching on karts and pushing myself to the limit on speed. For example, those karts looked like this…


Bachelor Travels…heading to the Indianapolis 500!

Last August, my father turned fifty years old. He’s always wanted to go to the Indianapolis 500. So, I bought tickets for the pair of us to go. I booked a cheap hotel roughly eight miles from Indianapolis Motor Speedway at the same time, too. Needless to say, we’re both ecstatic to get to experience this together.

Sadly, I hadn’t gotten into the miles and points hacking game until well after the hotels were booked, but I did have the opportunity to utilize my Citi AAdvantage card to book these flights. I would have liked to utilize the companion pass I got from my US Airways Barclays card, but the Memorial Day weekend that the Indianapolis falls on falls under their blackout date rules.

Granted, if I’d started collecting miles just a few months earlier, I might have been in a position to book our flights solely off of accrued points – but the cards didn’t fall like that. Instead, I paid cash for my flight and my dear mother helped out and paid for Dad’s flight. Of course, I booked all of them on my AAdvantage card to accrue maximum points for myself.

It worked out well.

Dad’s flight: ~$800 round trip.

My flight: $635 round trip.

Dad flies out of a different city than me, so we’ll meet up in Dallas and then take the remaining leg to Indianapolis together. On the return flight, it was $300 more expensive for me to fly back to Dallas with him, so I booked a direct Indianapolis -> LAX flight.

Check back the week after Memorial Day for a review of the airlines, hotel, and of course – lots of amazing content from the Indianapolis 500 itself.