Hi, I’m Kyle, and welcome to Bachelor Travels.Kyle "Miles"

I’m a former Los Angeles-based engineer, writer, and entrepreneur with a love of cool airplane liveries and travel.

That’s part of the reason I started this blog– to document the journey from the view of a wide-eyed kid with the world in front of him.

In April of 2014, I took my first “real” trip abroad to Europe. Previously, I’d been to Mexico with my family, and the  typical Disneyworld-Bahamas-Caribbeans experience with a former girlfriend. But my European trip was an absolute eye-opener to the world, and I couldn’t wait to go back for more. Now, with the continued success of my lifestyle blog and various other endeavors I’m involved in, I’m looking at stepping away from the world of working for someone else as early as 2016. If everything continues to evolve the way it is, I plan to relocate to Europe next year and pursue my entrepreneurial ventures full-time. Enough about the future, though.

In January of 2015 I stumbled upon various travel sites that discussed collecting miles and hotel points – people that were traveling the world (relatively) free. On top of that, they were doing it in first class, while staying in beautiful suites in exotic locations. I started spending entire days of my engineering job pouring through these blogs, picking up every scrap of information I could.

Then I realized – I could do this. Easily.

Numbers come to me easily – I majored in Economics (Engineer/Econ/Writing, I told you I was a weird mix!) and have always had an obsession interest in money. After doing my research to possible consequences of opening too many credit cards, I applied for several and started wracking up the points. When I started this blog in March of 2015, I’m now sitting on 100,000 American Airlines points and a few free hotel nights – and I’m just getting started.

In February of 2016 I walked away from my corporate job, with enough online income to sustain myself. I now live abroad wherever I please and am truly free.

I literally feel like the world is now at my fingertips, and I can’t wait to share the miles and points adventure with you on this blog. So, with that being said…

Welcome to Bachelor Travels.

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